Value Management Services

Value management A sound foundation for your construction project

Our value management service gives project directors and other real estate professionals the means to make the right decisions about their projects from the outset.

What is value management?

Value management is an established technique that helps define and refine the business need ensuring that:

  • your project meets the needs of all stakeholders
  • the building is fit for purpose
  • you get the best value for money.

How does value management help?

Getting an objective person to facilitate a workshop gives everyone a voice and enables you to:

  • clarify the need for the project
  • set clear objectives that take into account everyone’s perspective
  • identify any constraints
  • define performance and success criteria
  • get insights into solutions
  • maintain an audit trail for the decision making process.

The output is a value tree supported by a report that weights the objectives of each stakeholder and forms the basis for a clear, rational project brief.

Our credentials

William Hardman has completed the Reading University Master’s Programme in Project Management in 1995 and has subsequently carried out value management workshops with pharmaceutical companies, banks, educational institutions and charities.

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